What is getorders.app?

Hi there, this page will explain to you what is getorders.app.

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getorders.app is an online ordering platform which allows customer to make self-ordering through QR code and Shop Link.

1. Shop Link

- This is applicable for Delivery and Pickup Order only.

- Customer will pay using integrated payments gateway (Betterpay), and integrate with Delivery Platform (Delyva).

For online payments, customers will use the Betterpay payment gateway. 

You can use this Shop Link for example: https://v2.getorders.app/DapurNana/products

Below are the payment channels and fees that will be charged by Betterpay:

*Notes: The settlement speed is based on business days only.

2. QR Ordering

Firstly, register getorders.app to use QR Ordering. This is applicable only for Dine-In and customer has to pay at the counter.

i. QR Static - Unlimited Time use

Staff can put the QR on each table and let customer order automatically.

*Please refer to tutorial on How to Generate QR Static from getorders.app

ii. QR Session - Limited Time

Staff needs to print from Table in the Dashboard section of Slurp Central. After a staff has finalized the bill and checkout, the previous QR will automatically expired and the staff needs to print new QR at Slurp Central.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to sign up getorders.app and activate the QR Ordering in Slurp Central - Cloud POS.

Thank you!

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