How to Enable Wireless Repeating for Tenda Router

This step will show you how to enable internet connection in Wi-Fi

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1. Connect iPad to Wi-Fi

2. Open Safari

3. Search

4. Use password: admin6061e and click Login

5. Go to Wi-Fi Settings

6. Click Wireless Repeating

7. Enable Wireless Repeating

8. Select WISP for Repeating Mode. 

*Note: If you choose Client+AP, your router IP Address will follow the main internet router

9. Select your ISP Wi-Fi

10. Key in your ISP Wi-Fi Password and click Save

11. Click OK to reboot your Tenda router

12. Wait for the router to reboot

13. Reconnect your iPad to Wi-Fi

14. To check internet connection, open Safari and search Youtube.

Your Wi-Fi is now connected to the internet. Please be reminded that your Wi-Fi network stability depends on your ISP Wi-Fi.

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