The Thermal POS Receipt Printer Is Only Printing Blank Receipts

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You just made a paper change. The point-of-sale system is instructed to print a customer's receipt. A sheet of paper that looks to be the correct size for a customer's receipt is printed by the printer, but it is entirely blank.


Make sure the roll of paper you just loaded into the printer is a thermal receipt paper roll. If it is, then take the paper roll out, flip it over, load it back into the printer.

Two things could cause this issue.

Because thermal rolls have a coating, it is easy to identify them. The easiest way to identify them is to scratch the surface with your fingernail. The heat generated while you are scratching causes black marks on the surface. Alternatively, you can have a feel of the paper

2. You loaded the thermal receipt paper roll into the printer upside down.

Or you can refer to Step put thermal paper roll in printer here

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