[18th July 2023] How to Register Betterpay in getorders.app?

You are highly advised to register with Betterpay to ensure smooth transactions without disruption.

Slurp Support

Last Update 21 dagen geleden

Kindly follow the steps below to register Betterpay:

2. Click Settings button at the bottom left panel.

3. Click on the Payment Integration tab.

4. Tap on Click Here button to fill in the form required by Betterpay.

5. The page will navigate you to the Payment Service Registration Form. You are required to complete the form.

6. Once you have completed the form, click Submit Apllication and wait for for approval from Betterpay.

Note: The approval process may take around 14 working days.

Upon approval from Betterpay, Slurp Support team will assist you for further configuration from your Betterpay account.

Click Here once your application has been approved.

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