How To Undo Receipt

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1. Click Reports.

2. On the Receipts page, click on the desired receipt.

3. Click Undo (orange icon).

4. A "Undo Confirmation" notification will appear. Click "Proceed Undo".

5. The undo receipt will be placed under VOID receipt.

6. In the Dashboard, the table that the receipt was assigned to will display "Undo Department".

7. Click on the table with the "Undo Department"; change the customer table (i.e. Table 12) and click Confirm.

7. Go back to the Dashboard and click on the newly assigned table (i.e. Table 12).

8. Click on Finalize Bill.

9. Click Cash and then click Check Out.

*Note: If the customer paid the exact amount, it is not necessary to enter the amount.

10. The notification "Return Amount" will be shown indicating that a new receipt is created replacing the old one.

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