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Introduction to Boost e-wallet.

Boost is a mobile wallet app that aims to revolutionize the way you transact in today’s increasingly digital and mobile world. By combining lifestyle needs and cutting edge digital technology, Boost makes transactions easier, faster, more secure and the overall experience more rewarding for users.

With Boost app, you can pay at participating merchants with your mobile phone without the hassle of using physical cash. You can also top up your prepaid credit on-the-go, pay bills and also purchase wide array of digital vouchers at great deals through our Digital Shop.

In Slurp!, we are proud to inform you that our POS system has integrated with Boost! which can be applied in your individual outlets for customers using this eWallet application. It is simple and very easy to use.

Register (Boost Account)

Follow the steps below to create a Boost account:

1. Download the Boost app from the Google Play store or Apple App store.

2. Open the Boost app and follow the instructions below to create a Boost account:

Click on "Register".

3. Enter your mobile number and Boost will send you an SMS with a 6-digit TAC code. If you did not receive the SMS, click on "Did not receive SMS" and we will re-send the SMS.

4. Key in your name.

5. Key in your email address.

6. Set up a password so only you can log into your Boost Account.

7. Set up a 6-digit transaction PIN so only you can authorize all transactions in the app.

8. Select your telco.

9. Select your prefered wallet - Basic Wallet (with RM200 wallet limit) or Premium Wallet (with RM1,500 wallet limit). If you select Premium wallet you are required to provide your IC/passport details. And you're done! Welcome to the Boost family!

For more info, visit :

Boost in Slurp! Central

Follow the steps below to set up Boost in Slurp! Central:

1. Go to your Slurp! Cloud account and select Payments under Setup. Then click on Add Slurp.

2. Insert your Boost ID and Outlet ID. As for POS ID, just insert the value 0 only. Choose the outlet that you would want to implement Boost! Then click Save.

3. Once saved, you will Boost payment as part of the payment list as shown below. Automatically, Boost! payment method will be created in Slurp! Central itself.

4. Go to Slurp! Central and tap on Update Settings.

5. Once the orders are taken, tap on Finalize Bill.

6. To choose Boost as payment method, tap on Boost.

7. A "Scan QR Code To Pay" notification will appear. Go to your Boost app and scan the QR code displayed as shown below.

To cancel a transaction, undo receipt is not available. You just can use Cash Out to return the customer money.

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