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Last Update 2 года назад

This steps is to activate in Slurp! Central and you will be able to use QR ordering.

Notes: Make sure your ipad is always connected to an active internet connection to use QR ordering.

1. Login to

2. Make sure your account has integrated with POS. You may check in your Settings POS Integration.

3. Click on Outlet section

4. Select your outlet. For Example: Slurp Testing

5. Scroll down and Click Add New Device

6. Device code already generated in

7. Click Save

Now, you need to setup the device code in Slurp! Central.

1. Open Slurp! Central in your ipad

2. Go to Restaurant section

3. On the top, click on Module

4. Click on

5. Key in your device code from

6. Click Activate

7. Now your Order Service is Connected. Means you are able to use QR for ordering.

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